Adhesives and Removers

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20W 20 WATT 7MM HOT MELT Glue Gun with ON Off Switch and LED Indicator (Free 10 Transparent Glue Sticks)
Suitable for paper and crafts purposes only Glue gun will not heat up enough to melt glue in AC Compatible glue stick thickness: 11 mm
Bambalio 15 GMS Glue Stick Pack of 24 BGS-1500
Recommended for use on paper, fabric, photo and Boards etc., Soft Past, Washes out Safe & Clean for Childrens, School and Office Use
GLUN Bond 40 W Hot Melt Glue Gun with on/off Switch and LED Indicator with 8 Big Yellow Glue Sticks (Red)
On off switch WITH YELLOW GLUE STICKS 11 mm diameter
MAGIC999 40Watts Glue Gun, Anti DRIP Glue Flow Control, Easy Glue Dispensing + 5 Sticks Free
Power: 40 watts (ptc heater) reliable heating temperature, Increased safety & power saving with ON/OFF Switch, Handy glue gun useful for DIY household repairs, Office, Industrial Use. Smooth Trigger Mechanism ensures easy glue dispensing